Інститут кібернетики імені В.М.Глушкова
Національної академії наук України 

оптимізації керованих процесів
  • Convex and applied nonlinear analysis, theory of set-valued mappings, Aumann’s integral, measurable structures
  • Mathematical theory of optimal control, differential inclusions, complete conflict controllability
  • Game problems for discrete systems, Pontryagin’s direct methods, semigroup operators of Pshenicnyi
  • Theory of search for moving objectsstochastic dynamic games
  • Differential games of pursuit and evasion, nonlinear problems on moving objects collision avoidance
  • Evolutionary game problems
  • Game problems for systems of integral, integral-differential and differential-difference equations
  • Dynamic games with groups of participants. Group pursuit, pursuit in turn (dynamic “commercial traveler” problem), game problems under state constraints
  • Systems with impulse control, integral and mixed constraints on control
  • Game problems for systems with fractional derivatives of Riemann – Liouville, Dzharbasyan – Nersesyan – Caputo, Miller Ross, Hilfer, Gryunvald   Letnikov
  • Investigation of the method of resolving functions, upper and lower resolving functions, matrix resolving functions, choice of extremal  selections
  • Positional methods in game problems, generalization of the Krasovskii extremal  targeting rule, Pontryagin’s maximum principle
  • Dynamic systems of variable structure, hybrid systems, failure of controlling devices
  • Game problems for systems with distributed parameters
  • Methods of the theory of making decision, artificial intelligence and system analysis
  • Systems of control by spacecrafts and systems of search for sea objects
  • Exploration of functional human possibilities in extreme conditions
  • Modeling of sport single combating, competition of firms
  • Aircraft control systems, soft landing
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Institute of Cybernetics named after VM Glushkov of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Institute of Cybernetics named after VM Glushkov of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine