The abstract in Ukrainian, English or Russian (one or two or three full pages) should be prepared in the editor Microsoft Word 97-2003 in format *.doc.

File name – author’s name (or the first of the co-authors) in Latin letters (for example, Petrenko.doc).

Paper size: format  А4 210х297 mm;

Page margins: top/bottom – 3 sm; right/left – 2 sm;

The order of the text in abstracts:

UDC:  Times New Roman, 11 size. Skipping after – 6 pt.

Authors of the report: initials, surname, organization, city, e-mail the author (s) – Times New Roman, 12 size, single line spacing, centered, right and left indentation – 1 sm, skipping after – 6 pt.

Title: Times New Roman, 12 size, bold, single line spacing, centered, without hyphenation, skipping after – 6 pt.

Text of the theses:  Times New Roman, 11 size, single line spacing, justification, first line indent is 0,8 sm, automatic hyphenation. Do not affix page numbering.

Formulas:  Times New Roman, ordinary character – 11 size, large index – 9 size, small index – 7 size. Formulas should be typed in  Microsoft Equation 3.0 editor!

If the formula is made in a single line, then it should be centered. Formula numbers are indicated in parentheses with right alignement.

Illustrations (pictures, diagrams, charts): centered, text wrapping, skipping before – 6 pt. Signatures to illustration – Times New Roman, 11 size, centered, single line spacing, space after – 6 pt. After names of illustration do not put a period. The illustrations are indicated by the word “Fig.” and numbered with Arabic numerals.

Tables: centered, table wrapping – without wrapping. Text of tables –  Times New Roman, 11 size. Table name – Times New Roman, 11 size, right-aligned, skipping before – 6 pt. Tables are indicated with the word “Table” and numbered with Arabic numerals. Do not put a period after the name of the table.

Skipping after text of the table – 6 pt.

All figures and tables should be referenced within the text. All figures and tables should be located after corresponding references.

Literature: Times New Roman, 10 size, single line spacing, justified, ledge next line of the paragraph is 0,8 sm. List of sources should contain no more than 5 itenms and it should be placed after text of abstracts. Skipping before list of sources is 6 pt. List of used sources should be submitted in reference order. The refencences are indicated in brackets in the text.